Adam Falcon

Inside Adam Falcon's Soul


      By: David Mitchell

Singer, songwriter, guitarist Adam Falcon continues to assert his influence as an independent recording artists with this release of his third solo album, Bohemian 959 (Ghetto Drum Records). According to Falcon, many of his musician friends gave up their time to contribute to this album including a number of fellow SESAC writers like K.J. Denhert (contributing vocals on “Going Back for More”), Martha Redbone (performing background vocals on several songs), and singer Marc Nelson from the 90s boy-band Az Yet (contributing vocals on the song “Like A Soldier”). 

Nona Hendryx wrote the albums first single “Sunshine Woke Me Up This Morning,” back in the day as a member of LaBelle. Falcon re-recorded it for Bohemian 959 with Ms. Hendryx as his duet partner. The album’s only other cover tune is an inspiring remake of the Jackson 5’s “I Wanna Be Where You Are” ; with the remaining songs all penned by Falcon himself, and Trevor Gale as producer. That’s no typo! SESAC Vice President of Writer - Publisher Relations Trevor Gale, an amazing musician in his own rite, plays drums on two cuts and produced the entire album.

Soul, jazz, rock, alternative; all elements you feel in Falcon’s songs. “I’ve got a good feeling about this record,” says Falcon. “This album is more soulful and moves in a funkier direction. It was a labor of love for us, and is something I think people will really enjoy. It is gritty and truly from the heart.”

Of course there is an explanation behind the unique title, Bohemian 959. The numbers 959 represent the address where Falcon grew up in the Bronx. His residence was like a meeting ground where musicians in the neighborhood would often come and play. In the spirit of his childhood home, a New York City loft was converted into a studio for the recording of Bohemian 959. Some of the best musicians were brought together within one room and tab the same time to record the album live.
Falcon, now a father of two toddlers, a girl (3) and a boy (1 1/2), has generated quite a following with his previous works: Piece of Mine, and I, too, am Colored, in Black & White. He is appreciated by numerous icons in the business, like multi-Grammy winner George Benson who recorded two of his compositions, “In Search of a Dream” (produced by Arif Mardin), and “True Blue” (produced by Tommy LiPuma). Falcon has toured as a guitarist with the likes of Phyllis Hyman, Jonathan Butler, Will Downing, Sophie B. Hawkins and Roberta Flack.
“Adam Falcon is one of those artist whose music speaks to the very core of human emotions,” says Trevor Gale. “His passion takes you from where you were to where you wanna be. It is true soul music!"